Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pack and Promote

The past few days have been a lot of running around to pick up small things here and there for the trip out to Seven Springs tomorrow for the 24 hour this weekend.

Sad thing is it's taking me so long to get all the gear together, I'm just not sure what all to bring. I mean I've got my normal endurance race packing list down to a science, but the thing is this will be my first team other words a lot of standing around between laps. Therefore extra clothing but better yet....more beer.

It's been a pretty easy week on the bikes. I did a easy 20 on the road Monday just to work the funk out of the legs after the century Sunday, then hit Wissa up lastnight with Bikewrench and Dr Bob....probly do a medium 25-30 on the road again today. Then hoping the weather is good for a pre ride of the course tomorrow afternoon/evening.

On the promotion side of things....I threw out there the other day that I was asked a "interesting/cool question" during the ride on Sunday. I was asked to take over as the race promoter for my Team race here in the local MASS series, and as cool as it sounds I was a little scared at first.

For the first time in awhile I got the feeling of being a small fish in a big pond, I mean these guys put on the best races/events I've done...just hoping I can live up to there standards. Nobody can compare to the FatMarc's and Kuhn's in the world of race promotion but with the core support group I have I'll do my best to make sure we give you a fun event for's give back time boys and girls.

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Dan K said...

Dammit Travis, that would mean I would actually have to show up at Neshaminy. I hate Neshaminy because its always hades-hot for that race! But if you're promoting it I wouldnt be able to stay away.....