Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'll live....

for now that is.

That is until Wifey knocks me off to get that dollar seventy-five in life insurance....and there's still that hit out there that a couple guys in my Sport age class put on me too. But I think we're all good on that one now.

After a MRI (plus one more to come) and lots of blood work the doc thinks that I have something called essential tremors. The long and short of it is my right hand/arm gets slight tremors from time to time....and by time to time I mean daily.

The bigger scare was it was something Parkinson's.

The doc said she would/could give me drugs that would help, but it sounds like the side effects are worse then my symptoms in the first place. Fatigue, cold hands, dizziness and weakness sound like me in general....once she said loss of sex drive.....

"thanks for your time doc, got to go"....see you in three months.


Petit Chèvre said...

All part of "growing up" I suppose. Hang in there, keep riding and be thankful it is nothing worse.

Spin On,

Mr. Glass Half Full

SquidBuzz said...

Keep your chin up.

Your summer has gone better than mine. =)


Jason said...

Nice to hear you'll live. That's always nice to hear! ;) Hang in there. See you soon!