Monday, August 25, 2008

Lake Nockamixon century

Yesterday was the Lake Nockamixon century that had a starting point less then two miles from the house....and at one point the course passed within 400 meters from the house (to bad it was at the 100 mile mark.)

Even thou the course rolled thru all my normal riding routes I could not pass up the opportunity to ride with the large Team turn out we had.

Most of the 20ish rider pack we had at the start did the full century (plus the extra 7 mile ICU hill climbing option) but a few pulled off at the 75 mile turn because of timing. When all was said and done a dozen of us rolled back to the start/finish with an average just under 20 mph. Not to bad considering the amount of climbing that was in the course.

Here's the course/profile from last year...pretty much the same as this year too. (edit: Here's this years course/profile from a buddy on my ride.....over seven grand of elevation change and at a 19.9 mph average too.)

I also had a very interesting/cool question asked to me on the ride yesterday....sounds like I'll finally be pulling my share in the mountain bike world next year. It's about time I gave a little something back...more on that to come thou.

Till then I'm resting my spent legs for the 24 hour coming up this weekend.


uncadan8 said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good day. I did this ride about three years ago; I was a total noob at the time, and had just gotten my new C-dale that spring. I crashed at 40 miles (raining, hard braking on a wood bridge), and ended up turning off for the 75 mile route. Thanks for the link to the ride; maybe I'll get out and do the loop in the near future.

Dan K said...

wait, wait, mean to tell me you are less than 2 miles from Nockamixon and the only time we have ridden in the same place is during a race??? You need to get your ass up here this fall and hit up 5thStX this year, along with some singletrack riding!!!