Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Are Triathletes the anti-Christ? Yeah, after may ride today I think they may be.

I went out for a short 25 mile spin on the road bike this afternoon (just keeping loose for tomorrow) on some of my normal routes. A couple miles out I saw a rider down in their aerobars coming at me. So I do what I always do....throw up a little wave....the return? Nothing, nip, zero....kind of a prick move, but I'll live. I know triathletes are.......different people, "riders" sure....but different.

Less then five minutes later I see a second "rider" coming at me.....again laid out in their aerobars. Once again I throw a little wave out (thinking to myself it can't happen again) and once again....prickness in return. What the Hell.....we both like the same thing (well, "they" like it in a little more of a twisted and demented way...swim, run and then bike....sick I tell you) so why be a pick to other cyclist?

As I started heading back home I see "prick" number one turn off a side street a 100 meters ahead....and better yet, he's heading the same direction I am. I make it my mission to pass the tri freak. After getting hung up by a car cutting me off at a stop sign "tri freak" had 200 meters on me, but my luck was about to change. As I turned to follow him down this sweet mile long sweeping downhill a school bus cruise by.....and I jump in it's draft. With a couple of the kids yelling "go Kermit go" out the windows, I sucked up to my giant yellow lead out man smoking down the hill at 40 mph.

Within what felt like seconds we flew by "tri freak" like he was standing still.....go Kermit go.

Looks like weather could play a part in the first XC race this Sunday.....keeping my fingers crossed for no rain. Either way tomorrow is round two of the T-town training crit's....what happened last week is not gonna happen again.


Matt said...


Judging by your times from Sunday - you should kick ass on Thursday night! Give 'em hell for me since I'll be working instead of riding.


Le Blaireau said...

You know they've stopped bus' drafting in XC races, right. Rule 567, Section a.xxi

Travis said...


If the weather holds out this should be a great race, looks like a very big turn out. Sorry you can't make it, see you at Greenbrier.


I'm hoping they take my lack of off season training into account and give me a grandfather clause for the start of the season.


uncadan8 said...

Y'know, I get a lot of the same treatment from fellow roadies - I guess because I'm not 115 pounds and riding the latest carbon/ti/polyester bike. I always give a nod or a wave to anyone I see out on the road. I figure we are all in this together, right?

Travis said...


I guess yesterday just was not the day to ride around Lake Galena.

I just wanted to go play on the thing I know I'm turning anti Tri.


uncadan8 said...

Yeah, I've met a few stuffy cyclists in that area. I just don't let it kill my mojo and ruin a ride. That's a beautiful area by PVP. One of the areas I ride pretty regularly. Good luck racing this weekend!

Jason said...

I wouldn't be TOO offended. I don't suppose I'd really want to let go of a set of aero bars to wave either. End up with a face like hamburger.

Then again, he was probably just a prick and you smoked him Kermit! ;)

Good luck this weekend.


Groover said...

Hey Kermit, we've got a game:
- return nod from roadie 5 points
- return wave from roadie 10 pts
- roadie waving first 20 pts
- no reaction at all -20pts

It's mega fun when played in a group and scores are yelled out loud. :-)

Travis said...


Just like the Aussies (or in your case a German now in OZ) to make something we love even more fun.

Only question is does the rider with the lowest points for the day buy the beer?

....if so put me down for a James Squire Porter