Saturday, April 12, 2008

Crits, and date night...

The training crit Thursday night went more as planned. It was a good fast race as always, and I just sat in and got some speed work. In another week or two and I'll start "playing" a little more...but for right now I'm using it as a training tool for the first couple XC races.

Even thou it's just 30 miles (48 km for those in the land of OZ) long it's a great workout. Looking back at the numbers my average HR was 177 for the hour...and yes, it was tuff but I was not dying either. More so just a good fast push the whole I say now. During and just after that would not have been my feedback.

Yesterday was a short easy spin on the road just to keep the legs loose for Sunday, followed up by a little house hunting...long story.

But lastnights Mexican "date night" with the wife was better then normal (get your minds out of the gutter) because it was her last day at work. Just a job change, we did not win the lottery or anything....yet. She's heading to a job she'll "enjoy" much more.....and that makes things happier for all.

Looks like the weather they were calling for us to get went......who the hell knows where. It's not gonna rain so game on for the XC race Sunday, and that's all I really care about. Looks like it's going to be a large race too, I've got 27 in my class right now and more will join the day of I'm sure. Going thru the names that have signed up so far and looking at last years results it looks like I may have a fight on my hands.

T minus 26 hours till XC race number one of the season......think I'll sleep much tonight?


Matt said...


Where you guys looking to move? Nice job on the crits on Thursday - should be great XC training.


MtnBikeChic said...

We're gonna stay local (Doylestown area) just looking to get a little more space for our dogs to run around.

Yeah, you should try to come out one time...even if it's the early race at first, I really liked doing those last year.

The wife was talking to Rob L afterwe finished the race..he was gonna go out for his "real ride"...and that was after he did the crit. The man's a machine.

Matt said...

No doubt he's a wacko - super strong. Looks like we're most likely on for tomorrow! I getting pumped.