Thursday, April 3, 2008

The speed of failure?

So what's the speed of failure you ask? -------- 23.5 mph

Yeah, 23.5 mph average....that was the "failure" speed of the day. Today was the first weekly "training" crit up in Lehigh. If you've read the book Ten Points you know a little about this event. To put it short it's a weekly training crit that on an given Thursday has 5-6 pro racers, 12-18 ex pros and even a National champ or two thrown in here and there just to piss me off......then there's the other 40-50 fat, out of shape want to be racers that just want to hold on for dear life......that's where I come in.

Long story short I lasted 17 laps, 17 F*CKING LAPS (each lap being a mile) of the 25 mile race. I did out lasted half the field (75 riders started) but that's all I had. Even thou I only had the goal of sitting in the whole race.......mission failed.

Pist, annoyed, disappointed, pist and more pist.....that's where I sit typing this. I knew I was gonna get my ass handed to me.....but I thought I finish the f*cking race.

Time to stop the fucking season started three hours ago....and I was not ready!


Matt said...


Yup racing season started 3 hours ago and here I sit eating a bag of Act II extra butter popcorn, some twizzlers and watching "We Are Marshall"

Guess I need to get my ass in gear too!


Travis said...

I think I would have been better if I tried that lastnight....but no, I had to go out and have Robbie L try to kill me.

And I think in part he did...

Matt said...

Yeah he put a hurting on me on Tuesday night. I was picking his brain for some cornering pointers - which I hope really helps, I seem to have picked up some speed in the corners.


Hilton Meyer said...

Great angle of you in the above shot. The colour combo take ten pounds off.

Travis said...

I think the glasses help a little too........they seam to slim me down a little.

uncadan8 said...

That has got to be one of the most disturbing photos ever...probably because I used to resemble it.

I have dreams of joining that crit up in Lehigh, but I think I'd get shot off the back faster than a booger flicked off a finger.