Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is the party over?

Nope, not yet....... Still got one more day.

With the wife off from work all week we've spent a lot of time "enjoying" each other.......get your minds out of the gutter. I mean normally she works long hours (part of the reason for the job change) and we just don't get to spend much time being a couple. I don't call meeting for/making dinner, us hanging out for a hour or two then going to bed enjoying each other.

Few people know it but I've got a kick ass wife....(trying to keep that on the down low) and I got enjoy that again this week. Other then a Phillies game lastnight (they lost...SWEET, go Braves) we've just hung out doing stuff around the casa. And it's been one of the best weeks in a` long time.

Now before I get myself sick with the love, flowers and God knows what back to the ridin.....

It's been a pretty laid back week. The shoulder/upper back took a little more damage in the crash then I first I've been resting that a little. Geoffrey did his magic Tuesday and I felt like Superman......

...on my little 30 mile spin yesterday...just minus the pink (that's the wife area...I know my role, and pink's not it.) But tomorrow we start ramping things up for Greenbrier next weekend, I've got one shot at Nationals and I'm making it....end of story.

Tonight Tequila, tomorrow WE RIDE!


Matt said...


Sorry you're gonna miss Leesburg - I know this is more suited towards your riding anyway. However, probably best that you're not doing it with wanting to qualify next week. See you at Greenbrier.


Travis said...

Good luck this weekend Matt...wish I was there, let be waiting for a blow by blow.