Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The day after...

Well it's the day after the day after really......what? Nevermind...it's Tuesday, let's move on.

Yesterday was pretty much a day of the wife and I being vegetables (she's off work all week) here at the house. I did get out on the road for a 25 mile recovery ride and let's just say I felt good. More then a couple times I had to back myself off, the legs/body just wanted to go....but that's not what I was out there for.

Other then a little running around, grabbing some half ass Mexican grub (our normal place is closed on Monday's) and swinging by casa Bikewrench for a little work that was the day....pretty lame I know. But the important thing was I felt great, not sore...just a little tightness in the upper back.

That story changed this morning....I feel like I've been hit by a truck.

I did not go into it yesterday but I went down once in the first lap of the race, and "went down once" I mean I hit the ground like a ton of bricks. No damage to bike or rider, but I got lucky....in the same kind of crash last year I broke my collarbone and did other soft tissue damage.
Luckily all I'm feeling is a lot of muscle soreness/tightness in my neck, shoulders and back...I hope. But I go see my boy Geoffrey today and he'll get me all back in order.

A couple shots from the race I pulled from Dennis' site.
The race had a HUGE turn out (650 racers total,) this is a shot of the Sport rider registration. Even with this, the Bikeline group did a great job getting riders in/out as fast as possible.
It's a ways away (front three riders) but this may have been where I won the race. This is where "dude" had his miss shift and I pulled around to enter the woods in first.

You can see Dennis' photos from the race here.

Lots more photos here, from Delmarva Photo....my mug.

Now I'm off to go think about those 45 and 90 seconds I talked about yesterday.

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rosecy said...

Wow! The things one can learn in blogspots! Congrats on your win and feeling so good afterwards. I look forward to more news in the future. Be good to the Pink Rider.