Thursday, April 24, 2008

Brown boxes of love...

I'll get to the lovin in a minute....(I'm guessing that's the first time I've every said that.)

I meet up with Bikewrench and Pam on Tuesday for a road ride up into Green Lane, pretty much following the Cyclosportif race course. Around the mid ride point we head up Eichele (a half mile climb at hits a grade of 22-23% at the top) and BW and I work each other over a little before turning back home.

It was a great 45 mile ride with a lot of hills....but things got even better when I came home to this spread of Hammer goodness...

It's like a little sample pack of love.

So that's "brown box" of love part one......part two came yesterday. Let's just say it made my day/week/month.....ok, you get the point. Now onto the box...

So what's in the box you ask......well don't you?
My new I9 wheels for the 29er....and yes, I played with them until the wife came home. Then she made me put my toys away, but only till after dinner.

So tomorrow the "chunky girl" goes to the Bikewrench to complete her weight loss program...and a little tune up before Greenbrier on Sunday. Of which I'm already starting to get butterflies in my stomach (they'll grow into condors) and the race is three days away.

Three days.......three days!!!!! Crap.....I have to go ride my bike.


Jason said...

those must be hella light compared to what you had.

Travis said...

Hoping to lose atleast 2 lb's when I change to these guys....will drop 400-500 gm's just in tubes alone.

I'll weigh both the new and old sets once I build them up tonight. to get a true weight loss.

SquidBuzz said...

Have you used all of those Hammer products before?

Travis said...


Most of them.

I've used the Endurolytes since last year and will never do endrance race without them again.

The REM caps I use on the night before a race (if not I'll just lay in bed all night and stare at the roof)and they knock me out with no ill effects in the morning.

The bars are normanl sports bars, you either like the taste or you don't. I did the taste and they're both organic and gluten free.

The Race day boost and Race caps supreme will be a first.

SquidBuzz said...

You might want to try the Mito Caps along with the Race Caps. They are a good combination with Endurolytes.

The Race Day Boost, you will want to check Hammer's website for proper usage. That is a product that you will do a 4 day preload with. And it is recommended that you only use the product 4 to 5 times a year. I have been told that it changes the pH levels in your body, so that is part of the reason for the limited use through out the year. I have used it a few times and feel that it has helped. As usual, you will want to test this in training first before trying to use it in an actual race.

And I have also become a regular user of the REM Caps and Digest Caps.

If you are a supplement type of person, Hammer's stuff will do you well.

Also, thanks for the words of encouragement about Trans Iowa. Like Jason, the day or two after, I'm sitting here thinking about if I left too much on the table before pulling the plug.

Travis said...

No worries on the encouragement, you earned it.

Thanks for the info the the Mito caps too, sounds like I need to look into them.

Like you said on the Race Day Boost, I'm only gonna try/use it on a few key races. It sounds like a very intresting product, I'm looking forward to seeing how I feel with it.

Great job again on the work you did this weekend in those conditions.