Sunday, April 6, 2008

Relay's, Birthday's and Friends.....

Both new and old on the friend front............. and I'm sorry, this will be a long post. Today was the first MASS event, being a four person team relay over in Marysville, PA.

The course was a nice little 16-18 minute loop thru the Mike Kuhn in-law (Oesterling's) family farm (thank you very much once again.) Where we had a birthday..... KIM!!!!!!

we also saw a couple old friends........with a daughter thrown in too..
and even a teammate...

well, there was about twenty teammates....but the computer is not working right now to upload more camera photos (maybe it's the operator and his........nevermind how many beers right now, sorry tequila) I'll work on more pictures tomorrow.

I also put a face with a new friend (sorry Matt I did not have the camera around.....and I could not really talk normal....... between just finishing a lap, getting cold and just overall being a retard.)

But today was great. The bike was sweet, the riders times were FAST and all seems ready for the first XC race next Sunday.

....and with that being said go ride your bike....because I am, and you better be ready.

...more pictures tomorrow..............drink up Team Utah....

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Matt said...


Great pics, look forward to checking out the rest. I always wish I would take more pictures at races. Great to catch up with you - and we will definitely talk and have that beer next week.