Sunday, December 30, 2007

Chicks on bikes.

After the last three days in the saddle the legs were pretty much useless today (not that they're ever much better.) But a ride was already planned and more importantly wifey was willing to join. I'm one of the very lucky few in that my wife LOVES to ride, she's more into MTBing but she understands the need for road training. Normally she does her thing and I do mine, but I convinced her that she'd do fine....after all it's just doing slow base miles and most of us were on fixies.

So wifey and I meet up with Girlwonder and Gary for a easy 20 miles. Nothing big, just down to the river and back up to D-town before the rain/snow rolled in. Most of the ride was Gary and I talking about packing list and timing for the drive down to Miami next week (with the "chicks" behind us talking about who knows....guessing their hair and nails) but at one point I got paired up with wifey. I can say it's a really cool thing to look over at your riding partner and it being a women for one, but it being your wife makes it all that much better.

So even thou most legs were shot, a nice easy spin was just what the doctor ordered. Plus knowing we were hitting the store on the way home for a tall bottle of Chimay blue.....what could be better.

Even thou the weather is turning to shit, a day on the couch watching some useless football games with a good beer is just what I need today.

Two more things:

One: I just scored by bottle of blue from the shop and guess what? Dud threw in two Chimay goblets. SWEET!

Two: Looks like we may be having a color change in the old Zoot Suit, aka that thing I squeeze myself into before each ride. More on that if talks go well on Wednesday.

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