Saturday, December 29, 2007

Where are we?

Woke up this morning with a little ringing going on in the old melon, guessing the two tall bottles of Chimay (a blue and a white) had something to do with it. With this in mind the noon ride time was a gift to me, not to mention it rained all night therefore the roads were a mess.

Meet up with Alan at the shop and rolled over to Gary's for a ride on the fixies. With no real ride plan we head out as Gary says "let's get lost." Which is both easy and hard at the same time with the maze of roads that is Doylestown. If you head in any direction more then ten miles you'll hit a known landmark (the river or a major highway) but an endless maze of sweet backroads in the middle. A couple "wrong" turns from are normal rides routes and we're "lostish."

After 35 miles of exploring we roll back into Gary's place with smiles all around. A couple near misses by deer and one squirrel, but all was good as I loaded back up into the short bus for the drive home.

Plans are coming together for the race next weekend down in Miami. Looks like Gary, Girlwonder and I will all be driving down to meet up with the wife (she's flying down for the week to work.) More on that after tomorrows ride/fixed gear trip planning spin.

Till then wifey and I need to head out to a friends "holiday reason to drink party." SWEET!

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