Friday, December 28, 2007

A day late and a dollar short.

Or in this case a day later and 20 miles short.

Started out the day making the wife some homemade chocolate chip muffins. They smelled great but after my six days of eating, drinking and over all being a fat boy I said no (not that I've ever eaten one.)

Afterwards I meet up with Gary, Girlwonder and Bud for a ride on the old fixies. We headed down to the river from D-town and turned north toward Frenchtown. The busting of chops was going well (very thick skin is needed in this group) but little did I know the wheels were falling off the ride.

Just before Frenchtown the idea was thrown out to have a coffee break, not being a coffee drinking (but all in for a pitstop) I was in. Over the next ten minutes the the topic of "how you feeling" was pushing around. The next thing I knew we were heading back, which I quickly loved. The legs were just not feeling it, not sure why. But we ended up with right at 40 miles, short of what I wanted but this time of year I've got the listen to what the body is telling me.

All in all not a bad day, 40 miles in the books and the wife and I are headed to Los Sarpes for a good Mexican throwdown. Hoping the weather works out for a ride in the AM (looks like rain all night) so we'll need to play it by ear.

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