Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

First for the Good.

Back home in PA from a short trip to the parents place for Christmas. Was nice to see the parents and my brotha.....the niece...well she, we need to work on. Given she's eight and when I was eight I should have had a criminal record to hear my mom tell it. But like I said, we're working on her.

But on to the "Good" part of the story. Wifey and I were staying lite on the gifts for each other this year, just a couple small things she or I I thought. That is till I came home to this.

Funny thing is, this was two days after the Fat Man gave me the hook up with the Chimay. Something seams a little strange.......

Now onto the Bad.

Eight pounds......eight freaking pounds. That's what I "added" in the last SIX days. I know, six days. Lets just say visiting the parents homestead is a little hard on the waistline. I ate and drank for 36 hours and it was SO good. Everything from turkey to homemade cookies.......and yes, there was beer too.

And then there was the Ugly.

Need I say more, I think they speak for themselves.

But today was good, back in the saddle and starting to pay the piper for the "bad" of earlier. Meet up with Gary and Girlwonder for a easy 30 mile fix geared ride down to New Hope and back. The weather sucked (mid 30's and misting the whole time) but it was a good step one. Gonna meet up again in the AM for a longer spin. Hoping to put in 60ish, but we'll see have we feel.

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