Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I know, not the best title for a post...but I'll make it work.

The weekend rides were a little painful with the legs still sore from running, but I got a 30sih mile fixie spin in on Saturday and a shorter MTB spin on the 29er in on Sunday. First time riding the mountain bike since the eight hours down in NC....forgot I still had two broken pedals.

So on to the crap.

It's been raining here since lastnight, so riding is out the window (not worth riding in crappy weather this time of year.) So I told myself that if the rain stopped by noon I'd go running...knowing I was pretty safe because the radar was full of green.

So what do I see outside with my selfmade deadline only half hour away...sunshine. Crap...

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Jason said...

I think I have those same shoes in a diff color. Running is the new black/pink/brown/black etc., etc., It's quick and easy.... like me.