Tuesday, November 18, 2008


damn cold, that was the best way to sum up the riding the past couple of days.

Winter's made it's way here to the Philly area, and with it the boxes of cold weather riding gear are out of the basement. The 40 degree temps I can deal with, but it's the 10-15 mph wind that's the killer.

But even with the crap weather the fixie is rolling down the streets. Pretty much have the riding/eating/fitness plan worked out, gonna be throwing something off the wall into it this winter (more on that to come.) I love being "cryptic" as the Wifey says.

But with a little over six weeks until the first race of 09 I've still got time to work out the minor deals.

Interesting article on Stan's rims too....who says you can't buy your way to a faster time on the bike.....

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