Friday, November 21, 2008


is stupid. Yeah that's right, I went running yesterday...twice. And no, there was not any blue light involved....even thou a cop just drove down the street. Weird.

I dropped off the FJ for a new stereo to be put in, and with it only being a little over two miles away I thought why not run home. Even thou like I've said before I run like...

a hippo in water. But I got home and all was well, guessing my speed was a blistering 8-9 minute mile range. A couple hours later I get the call the girl's all done, what the hell...I'll run back. Run number two again went ok.

Then this morning came, and now I feel more like a harpooned hippo. Let's just say the stairs are not gonna be my friends for awhile. With that I say again running is stupid...but I plan on doing it a coupe times a week, it felt pretty good.

And no Wifey, running is not the new twist I'm throwing into the training plan.

Secret Squirrel out.

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