Tuesday, December 2, 2008


that's the best way to put it, this running thing is getting out of control.

After putting in three good days on the bike, ending with a 45-50 mile spin on the fixie Saturday (then the weather turning to crap) I again decided to pull out the running shoes to hit the streets....in the rain no less. Stupid.

Don't get me wrong, I've ran more miles in the past then I care to remember. Some were planned, and some let's just say were not....I'll leave it at that.

But for some dumb reason I did not think I needed to stretch out to much.....to run in 35 degree rain. I made it about a mile and a half before my left calf left the building. So after walk/limping back home Dr Wifey went to work with the Stick and some Biofreeze, and brought things back to life.

So after two days of the house smelling like a geriatric ward things are about 80% again, so time to test the old man parts out of the bike....hopefully 911 will not need to be called.


Beverly said...

Pain's a pain! At least Dromeo analgesic loses its smell after a few minutes.

Jason said...

Mmmm Bio-Freeze. I'd like to get me a "stick". As I get older I can't take a dump without SOME sort of muscle soreness following.

Joey V said...

Travis, Travis, Travis.....i don't see any of your results say "running" next to them.......ride your bike:)