Friday, July 11, 2008

A week away

Not that I'm counting or anything, but seven days and three hours from now my race at Nationals starts...again, not that I'm counting.

But before that we have this weekends race down in Fair Hill, which will be my first as an Expert. But the cool thing is I feel zone pressure, I plan on just going out and giving what I've got knowing that I'll be mid pack at best. I look at it as this is just a head start on next year and a training ride/race for next weekend.

With the race coming on Sunday and the big one next Friday I've kept it a pretty laid back week on the riding front. I did forty miles on the road on Tuesday and believe it not I went down to Wissa and did a MTB ride yesterday.

I thought about it as I was riding and I could not remember the last time I went out for a true MTB "ride." Sure I've rode lots of miles off road over the last few months but it's all been racing or pre riding the course before a race. I've not gone out and rode in the dirt since before the race season started, guessing it was as far back as March....and I have to say it felt good.

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