Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pity Party over

Not that I was really having one, but the self pity party is over.

I did not really put to much thought into Saturday's poor showing till I did a road ride yesterday. It was 30 miles of should haves and could haves. I little talk to the wifey about endrance thoughts in the future and a plan is set....for when and where is yet to be determined. But it's gonna be game on.

Today I met up it Gary for a 40 miles spin out of Doylestown that kind of hurt. The legs were still pretty shot which I was surpised by, but the "undercarriage" took the worst. Not sure if the bibs were sitting wierd on Saturday or what, but damn...we've got some heeling up to do the trhe next couple days.

After the ride it was time to meet up the Geoffrey to work out all the latic acid that must still be hanging out in my legs. Hoping things feel much better tomorrow (leg wise).....still need to figure out what I'm racing this weekend, the six hour endrance or the XC.

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