Monday, July 14, 2008

Reality check....

....that was the best way to put yesterdays race at Fair Hill, but being my first Expert race I knew things were gonna be different. Between the speed, the extra distance and just the over all competition change this was going to be a new game.

The course is the longest of the season at 28 miles, but it's also a very fast course with the average speeds in the 12 mph range. The race started at a good but sustainable pace, and I was sitting in the lead group of 8-9 riders. I have to say that it was pretty cool to look ahead and see our little freight train of color rolling thru the trail.

We stayed as a unit for about the next 45 minutes, only being spaced out a little here and there when we came upon slower traffic from the classes in front of us. But that's about the time were things started to head south. I got "hung up" behind a small group of singlespeeders and fell off our little freight train....and I say hung up because the more I think about it I just didn't want to get by them, I felt myself starting to fade. I think it was more mental then physical, but none the less it was happening.

After 2-3 minutes of rolling with the SS guys I came around on a long downhill fireroad, but I did use my time wisely and sucked down some fluids and a little nutrition. A few minutes later I came across the best water/recovery stop known to man....lots of pictures in the link... always FatMarc and friends know how to have a good time.

After my little lap in the pool I felt things coming back, not sure if it was the nutrition I threw down just before the stop, the splish splash in the pool or seeing Rotten Rob rocking the leopard print loin cloth but I was I thought.

Things felt good for about the next 10-15 minutes but then I felt myself starting to fade again. I caught another group of riders and was content with just sticking on their wheel. After 10-15 minutes of riding with these guys I made my way thru (more so because they were fading more then I was, not that I was faster) but that put me riding alone...which is not what I needed.

With 3-4 miles left in the race (about the 23-24 mile mark) the wheels fell off....I was done, cooked, spent, etc. I was not cramping at all, so I'm guessing it was more nutrition based then hydration...or maybe it was just the distance, either way I was heading south fast.

Thankfully this part of the course was flat and I limped to the finish with a showing of 11th of the 14 finishers in my class. The next hour was a little worrying thou, I've never felt so bad/sick after a race. I was light headed, disoriented and felt like I was gonna puke, but I was sweating like an escaped convict so I'm not sure if it was dehydration.

But things slowly got better and all seams good today. So now it's a chill out couple of days until Nationals on Friday and we'll go from there next week. I've got a couple different thoughts running thru my head...but more on that later.


uncadan8 said...

Sounds like a tough day! I know it was blazing hot out there. And all I can say about the dude in leopard Nice meeting you today. Enjoy the T's and post pics...haha!

Petite Chèvre said...

New goals. New day. Sounds like you met them both head-on. Congrats for getting out there and trying a new challenge.

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