Friday, July 4, 2008

Hi ho, hi ho....'s off to Marysville we go.

The wifey and I are heading out to Marysville for Stage Race and Festival for what will be my last Sport race...there, I've said's official. I wanted to move up as of this week, but someone asked me not to change until I mathematically had won the Class for the year. So next weekend to the big leagues it is.

Either was the weekend should be a blast. It all starts with a night time trail today, a XC tomorrow and when a hill climb and short track race on Sunday. I hill climb is what I'm not looking forward to, I remember it from a couple years back. Was pretty much a 20-25 minute climb up this long beat up dirt road.

But it should be a good weekend mix of fireworks, beer, a race (or four) followed by more beer.

Time to go get sleeping beauty kick started....or maybe kick sleeping beauty. At this time of the morning they one and the same thou.

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Jason said...

That's cool man! I hope to hear you won Sport on the year and congrats on the move to th big time. You'll rock it. You'r fit, and ready to rip legs off. Have fun. Wish I was there.