Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oleta minor...

Same blog title, as a year ago....what can i say, the brains got really working. Not that it ever really does.

Wifey and I rolled back into Casa de Frozen just in time to do a jail break on the doggies from the kennel. As she got the kids I got the pleasure of unloading the funk that was the FJ, I got the short end of the stick.

But here's a small recap of the week/weekend that was the trip. Most have nothing to do with cycling, because let's face it....what the Hell do I know about cycling?

First off, a HUGE thank to a buddy of mine BBB for letting me use his girl for the race:

Mine are still days (hopefully) or a week/two away, so BBB real came thru for me.

The boss and I did a pre ride Friday and a found my friend from last year:

...and like ever man has said, I thought he was bigger.

Also had to take a couple shots of the nice little climb (I know you can't tell from my great iPhone pic's) and the trees I wanted to take a chainsaw to a couple years ago. F'in Gary could tell you I had some severe grazing on the damn tress EVERY lap two years ago, this year....golden.

So here's a brain spill of the week.

Best hotel...for sleep, not for an hour rental. Hampton Inn, end of story

Found a liquid source I can handle/want to drink for endurance races. Don't ask, I ain't telling ya...unless your last name is Jolie, and even then we'd need to work something out.

Found a real food source too, for when you can't handle anymore of the normal Shots, Blocs, gels and what not. Again, see the above....but you can throw in the names of Alba and Biel too.

If you're adding more shammy cream mid race make sure you don't use the same hand you just used to put on Biofreeze.

Same thing goes with the biofreeze if you're answering natures call.....enough said.

If you get pulled over by a female State Trooper, it's does not end the way it did in Days of Thunder.

And lastly for this morning, a two for one is not always a good thing either...but I'll go into that later.

Laundry and bike cleaning calls.


Sebastian O said...

Hey Travis... I didn't see you this year out there.... It was a nice course. I saw your results.. still good job.... I couldn't do a solo this year but I wanted to since I was feeling in really good shape... I did a 4 person team.... still fun..... Good luck man...

Travis said...

Thanks man, I just wish it was a ten hours. Crashing on my first night lap kind of screwed my whole day/race. Nothing like being in second all day then......

Nice work at Santos to you too by the way.

Sebastian O said...

I hate crashing... It's sucks but it happens.. we just have to learn how to deal with it.... Thanks man... Santos was Unexpected ( I wa suppost to be on a 4 person team, but my friends didn't showed up) so I ended up doing a solo and I never thought of making it to the podium...I was feeling really good.....

Have a good one