Saturday, July 31, 2010

Knife...what knife?

The only problem is I'm the one carrying the knife.....and as you can guess we're going to a gunfight.
Guess the good thing is I'm in pink, and that'll make the Wifey happy. But it still does not fix the problem.....and my problem is lack of power. Seems like everytime I need power/strength I've got nothing. Short power climbs, countering attacks or even trying to stick the landing on that double backflip off the ceiling fan. It's like Scotty's down in the engine room preoccupied by something else...
Not sure if it's a nutrition/hydration thing or just a little Summer fatigue thing....because it sure as hell is not from being over trained. Either way I need to start kicking up my speed a way.

Been finding out more and more that I've got two speeds. I can go 95% for 30-45 minutes (which will hopefully work well for Cross) or 75% for 12 hours.....but with XC races being in the two hour range I gots myself a problem. But it's a problem that I'm not even sure I want to work on fixing right now. Cross training groups are starting next week and that's where my buttered up cheeks will be...but in and out of the saddle.

Now just to finish building up the bike itself.


Metro said...

The Peeps pic is great man.

Are you coming down for the 18 hour race this month?


sebastian said...

Hey.... how is everything going....? are you doing the 12 hours of Oleta this year? hope to see you around here... Have a good one.

Sebastian O