Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hibernation over

Well, it's time for the hibernation to end.....but now comes the WTF moment.

I've been asked a dozen times in the past two weeks about what my plans for this season are, and I've answered this way. I have no f'in clue. All I know is it's gonna involve hours and hours on my new toy:

Took it out for the first time last weekend, and simply put it's night and day compared to the older frame set.
Have not thrown on the light wheel set yet, but it's sitting just over 20lbs with only a couple personal touches.

So, back to the "what's your plan this year?"

Things I do know. I'm doing the Baker's Dozen and the Cohutta 100 again, other then that I have no idea. I'll race more then just these, but it may be a little different then prior years. Don't see doing much XC racing happening for a few reasons. One of which being asked to "target lightly attended races" for paper titles/championships. Talk about one way to lose respect for someone.

More so I see myself my a "bucket list" up. Races or things I want to do....not that I'm planning on kickin it anything soon, got want to start hitting things I want to do. Some may involve things other then a MTB only.

More tomorrow.


Jason said...

Glad the hibernation is over. Lots of good races to pick from. Can't guarantee you any paper titles, but lots of big painful miles for sure. Take a look around, the tri state is lookin' good.

Travis said...

Thanks, J. Lots of miles is my only goal this year, seems like some of those are gonna be coming in strange forms this year too.

Anonymous said...

Nice Ride man.... Enjoy it...

Sebastian O