Tuesday, March 23, 2010


No, I'm not talking earthquakes here...I'm talking about my pissyness level.

Like most of the men in my family I have mood swings that equal or surpass that of most women.....they, I'm sure I'll pay for that one. But hey, I'm pissy and venting.

Funny thing about that picture I was/am called Homer alot....and Hell, I think I'm looking a little more and more like him these days too.

So a little history, someone from my past used the line "friends do thing for friends" alot. Now "hypothetically speaking" I may have helped this person move a few times, mowed a yard or two, and gone to more an a couple Jai-Alai games with said person. And in return? I may have got threw a couple years of English and Spanish with the grammar skills of a 10 year old and not being able to order at a Taco Bell right now.....but that could be just the Southern school system too.

So my point, friends do things for friends....period. Friends don't use the words "lame, bummed and disappointed" if/when you ask something of them. If that's the case, you may want to take a better look at who your "friends" really are.

So that was yesterday. This morning I saw that one of the races I was REALLY wanting to do this year was filled/closed. This makes the third one this year I've missed....and I'm not talking about races soon, these are May-July timeframe. One was straight up my fault, I knew it would fill up and I just did not pay attention to when registration opened and I missed it. But the other two never even said word one in all the registration info about a max number of races, truth me...after missing the first race I double and triple checked.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not pist at any race promoters here. Being one myself I know all the crap they go thru. My point to this then? One to vent, so vent over....and believe it or not I feel better. And two, if you have a race you want to do this year....go register, NOW!!

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