Monday, October 27, 2008

Results and the return...

drive that is.

Yep, the race is in the books and the Shortbus is 95 northing it as I type...and I still hate driving.

I'll throw a full write up and some pictures up when we get back in the land of the Amish, but here's the shorted version.

I could only pull out an 11th place of the 22 finishers, but with the talent that showed and a couple minor problems I was cool with that. Wifey made up my slack with her first appearance on an endurance podium...if this keeps up I could be down graded to her pit bitch. But the beer is in the pit...that's something worth thinking about.

Huge props to both Jeremiah Bishop and Harlan Price, nothing like having an eight plus hour race come down to a sprint to the line.


Dan K said...

Sounds like the race was fun, at least- you coming to Marsh Creek?

Jason said...

Great finish. Typing and driving? THAT is talent. Contrats to the wife.