Tuesday, October 21, 2008

National MTB Oktoberfest...

finally, somebody that spells as well as I do....but either way it's on.

Started getting the gear pulled together for Wifey, BikeWrench and I to head down to NC on Friday morning for Oktoberfest. Looks like the weather is gonna be questionable (calling for showers and highs in the 60's) but with the big hitters that are signed up this is just gonna be a fun event for myself (plus we get to see some long lost friends).....but I really got to say I'm looking forward just to being on the same course as this guys. Last time I checked there were three of the top five endurance racers in the country already signed up and I'm sure a few more are not far behind.

Ernesto, Nat Ross, Harlan Price, Sapsford......you figure out yourself which one of these does not belong. Just not sure about this David Juarez guy thou, I've never heard of him....he must be new to MTBing or something....

yeah, that a stale attempt at a joke this morning.

Off to do a final tune up spin of the 29er's with the Wrench this afternoon, till then.

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Jason said...

Good luck and have fun with those guys!