Friday, October 24, 2008

The drive...

and I hate driving. But the Shortbus is just now crossing into NC, state number five of the day.

Was an early morning to take the fury kids to doggie jail (they love the kennel...really, they do) met Bikewrench back at the casa to load bikes, gear and asses in the bus....and we're off.

That was six and a half hours ago...and we're still driving.

Probably gonna bail on the night shortrack tonight...forecast is call for heavy showers with 1-2 inches of rain. No point in doing a 45 minute race just to spend double that in clean up time to get the girl ready for the race in the that means I can hang out and have a couple beers to, and you know I'm game for that.

....and the Shortbus rolls on.

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