Monday, June 9, 2008

Tour de Tykes XC...

Things to do during an "Excessive Heat Warning"


Or so says the National Weather Service.....but what do they know.

So what would any good FL born boy do when it's 96 degrees and 95% humidity.....I give you Danville...aka HELL. I think Hell will be a little less humid thou....I'll let you know on that one.

After working Sat on our course for the up coming race and the two hour drive up the last thing my body wanted to do was race....not to mention climb for 3500 feet. But after getting my chops busted by a couple fellow heat lovers (Matty/Dan) over my choice of clothing (they've not bought into the idea that real men were thongs yet) we lined up for our race start.

The race was my first mass start (they started all the Sport riders in one large wave) and with this in mind I rolled my wheelchair toward the front of the 100 person field. Even thou the race started with a 400 plus foot climb on the 3/4 mile dirt road I did not want to get stuck in traffic. Things worked out and I entered the single track in third overall, but with my main competition just in front on me.

But very quickly I realized I had a bigger problem....the bike will not sit in a gear. Over the next 4-5 minutes (after watching my main rival ride away from me) I figure out I pretty much have two gear, the granny in the rear and the middle or large chainring up front. Not the ideal gearing for a course that's a flat as your typical strip club, but I made do.

I spun up some climbs in a much higher cadence then I wanted and muscled up others in a much slower cadence....the whole time waiting to be eaten alive by the wolfs that I knew were somewhere behind.

But other then one rider (not in my class) that passed me as I was first trying to diagnosis the problem the wolfs never came, I guess this little piggie got lucky again. I finished forth overall but still only a second in my class....

So given the course, (I'm not a climber) the weather and my shifting issue I guess I'm fairly happy with the out come....fairly.


Matt said...


Fairly happy??? I'm fairly happy with that post ride beer you kindly gave me. But I'm pretty damn stoked about my 3rd so you better get freakin' excited about 4th overall and 2nd in your class!!

BTW: I got 9th overall - a whopping 6 minutes and 13 seconds behind you. And 8 minutes behind 1st place in my class


uncadan8 said...

Way to bust it out even with the mechanical! Not a bad performance at all - I think just surviving in the heat and the humidity is pretty commendable.

Jason said...

Nice job man. The M.A.S.S. ass ripping continues! Keep it goin'!

SquidBuzz said...

Good job.

Spenghali said...

Hey Travis,

"Spengahli" here ... team mate of Steve Martin (Ride 2 the Rescue in FL). I live in NC, but married a PA gal from Williamsport. I'm headed up there next week to visit her family and want to get in a couple of rides. Are you in that area? ... any events that we could spectate that you might be in? We are staying in the Wellsboro area? My email is Thanks