Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Birthday, 3000, and a little packing...

and all that in one day.

Today is my Pops birthday, so I guessing he'll be looking a little like this later...
...just the banana my be replaced with a bottle of Tequila....Happy Birthday Pop.

Now that you see where I get my looks from I'll move on. I met up with Gary for an easy three hour spin on the road today (last time my cheeks are touching the saddle till Sat morning) and with that I broke the 3000 mile mark for the year. I don't really have a mileage goal for the year, it just stood out when I was inputting the data into my there, take that.

Other then that I started pulling all the gear together for this weeks trip down to the Monkey. Looks like it's gonna be a good turn out, last time I checked there was already over 30 men in my class (35 plus Solo.) Not knowing any of the names, plus not having done any real endurance training in months I'm not setting a placing goal on myself. My only goal is 100 miles, which will be ten laps and whatever placing that gives me.

So with that in mind I've off to pull more gear and start the last couple of beers till Saturday evening.


Petite Chèvre said...

3K, that's awesome! Congrats, I think you out road Juneau Jill at Arctic Glass -- no small feat.

Good luck with your Monkey

Spin On

Jason said...

10 is my goal too. Or 11. OK 10.