Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cuatro medallas de oro....

, ayer fue ganar el número cuatro.

Ok, I'll stop before I make anybody break out a Spanish to English translater.

Today was the Guy's Classic XC race over in Neshaminy, a course I've come to know very well over the past few weeks. Being my teams race we've spent a lot of our free time getting the trails ready and trying to work in a pre ride here and there.

The start of the course was a 700-800 meter big chainring hammerfest thru some sportsfields before we entered the singletrack where spots to pass were few and far between. Knowing this I jokily asked Nate (one of my main competitors) "how fast you think this starts gonna be?" His return: "as fast as we make it." Not really the answer I was hoping for, but we were off.

Nate and I sprinted thru the field shoulder to shoulder but I got lucky and entered the singletrack in the lead with Nate on my rear. We kept a fast pace for 4-5 minutes when I hear him say "we can just set a nice tempo, nobodies going to pass us in this." The next thing I relize is that Nate is no longer behind me (I fought out later he torn a hole in his sidewall and had to walk out.)

The next hour seamed to just go by in a blur, it was a little strange I found myself riding alone a lot. The plan was simple, keep a quick tempo and ride clean (lots of log overs and other places/things to do something stupid on that would put you out of the race.)

Things again worked in my favor and I stayed out for the win......

In all a pretty good day, with Wifey pulling in a silver in her race.

Now we just need to heal up a couple of things and get everything in order to head down to the Cranky Monkey this weekend.


uncadan8 said...

Dude, looks like Dubya even showed up for the race! (Lower left corner of the pic)

Nice work - sounds like you put the hurtin' on people right from the get-go. Lookin' forward to the Cranky Monkey report.

rsdmag said...

Cuarto medallas de oro is sooooooo bikey. Nice work- you deserve them all!

Harp said...

Congrats to you and your wife. Nice Work.

Jason said...

nice. all these podium spots have got to stop. I mean really.

kidding of course. great job man.