Thursday, June 25, 2009


No, I did not leave off an X there.....but I am talking Bike Porn.

I should have spent the last day plus getting all the gear ready to head South for a race this weekend. But reality hit yesterday when I stopped to help a chic with a flat tire on my road ride. My thumb is/was so weak I could hardly even use the tire level, so I don't think riding a bike for 12 hours would be the right call for the weekend.

So after the pissyness slowly wore off (I've found that beer helps greatly) I started surfing bike porn (BP). So what does two days of surfing BP give you (other then a sore hand?) Info.

I've read more about the new SRAM XX group then anyone should in and day (and I still know nothing about bikes...including how to ride them most the time.) Also found that that Scott is releasing a 29er this year and that Cannondale is coming out with a carbon 29er. I needed a minute alone after reading that. What, why do you think it's called bike porn?

So I'm penciling in my anniversary/Christmas/birthday/and groundhog day wish lists. Yes, I said pencil.....nothing is in ink yet. For one you never know what opportunities have/or will come your way (how's that for cryptic?) And two I change my mind more then a woman....a cryptic secretive one at that.

But back on the birthday note, today's my Pops' birthday. Happy Birthday Pops', hope to see you guys in Vegas.

Secret Squirrel out


Harp said...

I'm toying with the idea of switching to XX. I just got to figure out how to pay for it.

Metro said...

I've been lusting the XX stuff now ever since the first info was leaked. That stuff is so f'in tight. Maybe if I save some pennies now I will be able to afford the XX-9 or XX-7 version before long.

Sucks to hear the fingers still out of service. Hang in there.


Jason said...

Sorry about the hand. Beer helps everything. :)

Metro said...

Hows that hand healing up?