Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Glass hands...

So today I went to see the orthopedic (Super Doc) for the follow up on my knee/second look at the hand.

First the knee: After the normal how does this/that feel and alot of bla, bla, bla. He gave me the "official ok to ride." And he added, "since I saw you riding over the weekend this should not be a problem." Whoops, sorry Doc.

Then we moved onto the paw. He took a second (his first) set of x-rays to get a look at things and his first comment was "Jesus!" This can't be good I thought to myself.

But things got better as he laughed and followed this up with "how many times have you broken your fingers?" I replied never (never remember anything.) As he laughed again he threw in "ok, I'm the doctor let me tell you then." He stopped counting at five....on the first two fingers. My favorite was "do you see this bone...it's supposed to look like that."

But everything current (bone wise) is healing pretty well, the biggest thing still hanging on is a damaged ligament in the thumb. So more anti-inflammatories, pain pills, a brace and "try to limit the use."

So it sounds like more easy road rides it is for old glass hands.


rsdmag said...

Travis- you really should stop punching walls when you get frustrated.

Jason said...

Well that news sounds pretty darn "not bad". Hang in there and heal up.