Tuesday, August 4, 2009


And no I'm not talking about Women's Lib, Save the Planet or bring back the dinosaurs (thou that would be kickass.) Maybe if we had a pet velociraptor the lady across the street would stop bring her little shit dog to crap in our yard every day instead of her own.

You'd think the three 100lb Shepherds trying to go thru the front window/glass door would give her a clue...no, she just smiles and waves.

But onto the movement, and lack there of.

The hand is healing at the speed of glacial movement (and don't believe of those global warming nuts...glaciers are a bad thing, we need to get rid of them.) The only thing ice is good for is keeping beer cold....and Slurpees.

Weird to say, but break bones kids...don't do soft tissue damage. It takes FOREVER to heal, and it's never the same again even once it "does."

But the thing that is moving at the speed of light is our race date for this weekend...which I'm both glad and pissy about. It'll be great to get this thing done and over with (it's been like slowly pulling off a band aid with things starting and stopping over the past months.) But I'd love to be heading with the Wifey up to Mt Snow for the Kenda Cup weekend too.

But I'll be here circling the wagons and rallying the troops to get the course ready for Sunday, and working out this velociraptor thing.


Petit Chèvre said...

Humor! Glad to hear your healing. Let the shepherds out once -- then see who s**ts on your yard:)

Spin On

Jason said...

Hang in there man. Hope the race went well. Looked wet. I have another friend that did soft tissue damage tp his wrist in April. Still bothers him. Had he broke it he'd be doing better! Strange.

Ice is also good for gin & tonics. Hmmm, do I have any gin in the house?