Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Squirrel

We've all seen "suicidal squirrels," you know the ones I mean. Those little blurry balls of fur that fly in front of your car/motorcycle/bike/walker or whatever. I swear I think it's just them and their and play chicken their buddies.

I was on the road bike heading back toward the house enjoying my favorite mile long downhill when I saw a first for squirrels. I was rolling along in the mid 30's when a squirrel came darting out in front of me, and the only thought I had was "this is gonna hurt"......little did I know this was not your ordinary squirrel.

I knew I had him dead to rights with my front wheel and I was already mentally calling 9-1-1 then this little bastard took flight....I kid you not, he jumped and cleared my wheel.

I went from being fat dumb and happy to thinking I was going to the hospital, back to fat dumb and kind of happy in less then five seconds. I looked back and saw Super Squirrel heading up a tree, probably to change his shorts...which was the first thing I did when I got home.


fatmarc said...

Buddy had a squirel jump into his front wheel about a week ago. Sadly, the little guy didn't fare as well (RIP)

Diane and I were ride fireroads last weekend and one almost took us both out...

must be mating season or something...


Jason said...

I agree. The squirrels are off their nuts (pun intended) right now. Just EVERYWHERE in the woods. They have no fear.