Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bruised, broken and burnt...

but it's done.

After the Cross race on Saturday (and the crash that happened there) Wifey took my bruised body and ego to Bear Creek on Sunday for the final race of the MASS.

I debated all morning long on weather to race or not, but after watching the start of Wifey's race I decided to put on the Superman costume one more time....but it was all Clark Kent and no Superman.

The race both started and ended fast, to bad mine did not end as fast as the guy that tore off his rear tire in the first ten feet thou (not really sure how that happened) but that would have saved me a 20 minute walk. About a mile into the trail my rear derailleur snapped in half...game over.
But I believe that everything happens for a reason...whatever the reason is that I've destroyed two rear wheels, snapped a rear derailleur and crashed more times then a five year old girl learning to ride over the last month is I have no idea.
So after my lovely walk thru the woods it was time to hang out the friends (over beer) and tell lies about how great we all were this season while the real racers finished racing.
Sour...me? No...I was not sour, bitter yes....sour no.
So on to the series awards we go....and the winner of Sport Vet 1 is....

yeah, some guy with a cool cycling cap and a black and blue knee.

Now it's time to heal a little then start getting things ready for next year. I know it's a long way away...but I have a long way to go. Let's just say my first few Expert races have not gone the way I wanted them to. Long walks in the woods dragging a broken bike.....been there, done that.

We've only got 200 days (ish) and a wake up before the first race of the 2009 season, time is short. Are you gonna be ready?


Petit Chèvre said...

Look at it this way: Some people travel far and pay good money to walk in the woods and drink beer.

Congrats on an over-all good season!

Spin On

Dan K said...

That hat is sooo bikey! Nice job Travis, you will definitely be kicking some ass next year too!

Harp said...

That's a horrible way to end the season. Nice job on the overall finish. Glad I'm not the only one thinking about next year already.